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Prepare a list of products and suggest suitable media of advertisement?

Posted by Sharanu
adminYou could consider

1. Homeopathic baby lotion – Health Food Shop, Health Food Magazine, Local Gp surgery
2. Sports Drink – National Press, Local Newspaper, Gym Franchise
3. Kitchen Gadgets (chopper, dicer, grater) – TV Shopping Channels.

Are there any male-only fitness franchises?If so, can you give me a list or idea of what some popular ones are?

Posted by Gabriella S
adminIt depends in which country you live.

I live in the US and I went once to a gym that had only guys, most of them huge bodybuilders (an athletic club) and I was the only woman there (I asked when registering if women were allowed because I did not see any and was eagerly asked to sign up for the price of peanuts) I just went there to train for 3 months before a ski trip. I was treated like a Queen. All the guys knew about my routine and helped me with the machines and vacated and cleaned the machines before I would use them and they would bring me water…

I went to Curves once as a guest and they were only women but I did not feel welcomed there because I’m thin (I got sideways up and down looks).

DW sports fitness gym – what are ‘Bounce’ & ‘Thump’ classes?!?Hello,

For anyone who is a member of the DW sports fitness (previously JJB) gyms or an instructor at these gyms, could someone please enlighten me as to what the classes ‘Bounce’ and ‘Thump’ are?

I’ve heard of Body Blitz, Body Pump, Sculpt but have never heard of Bounce or Thump (listed as conditioning classes). I would rather know what I’m letting myself in for than to go along and see what happens in class then turn around and walk back out if I don’t like it!


Posted by suzy_su
adminClasses with ‘bounce’ in the name are likely to use ‘rebounders’, small trampolines that allow you to perform ‘flight’ or ‘air’ moves (which would be ‘high impact’ in a step class) without damaging your joints.

THUMP is the name of a kickboxing training franchise; the classes listed might be provided by instructors from that network, or they may be generic ‘combat-style’ aerobic classes that happen to be using the same word (it’s a pretty obvious choice) for their name.


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