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Former NFL Player to Open Fitness Franchise in State College – State College News

State College NewsFormer NFL Player to Open Fitness Franchise in State CollegeState College NewsA former NFL player is set to open a Power Train Sports & Fitness franchise in State College later this month. Juqua Parker, who spent 12 seasons in the pros, played for the Philadelphia Eagles, Tennessee Titans and Cleveland Browns.
How Franchisors Squeeze Money From Their Franchisees (Forbes)

Franchises seem simple enough–a company like McDonalds, Anytime Fitness or Supercuts sells the rights to open one of its businesses to an enterprising individual wishing to run one. That individual gets to leverage the franchise’s name-recognition and reputation to attract customers while taking advantage of the predetermined business model. All in exchange for startup payment and a cut of the till (generally between 3% to 10% of gross sales, depending on the franchise).

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